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PHONOCAR was founded in 1972 with the brilliant idea of producing car-radio accessories in a period when the Car-HIFI-concept was totally new.
Having been among the first companies who believed and invested in the Car-Hifi-sector, PHONOCAR has been able to conquer an important market share, thanks also to her flexible production-process and her future-oriented, technologically up-dated products.
Four years after her foundation, PHONOCAR started her collaboration with an important Italian speakers-industry who helped Phonocar quickly becoming a leading Car-hifi-manufacturer. This collaboration, in many ways, helped to enlarge Phonocar's product-range and facilitated many innovations and patents which, no doubt, contributed to the technological development of the Car-Hifi-Sector in Europe.

Below, please find the most important steps in Phonocar's career and some innovation-products constituting important achievements for the entire Car-Hifi-sector:

1972 Production of wooden consoles for car-radios, speakers and accessories.

1976 Production of the first car HIFI-Speakers

1977 Separate Car Speaker-Systems (Two- and Three-Way).

1978 Innovating Product : first car-radio-amplifier called "POWER BOX"

1979 Innovating Product : "New Generation" Hifi Speaker-Kits for the original locations available in the cars. These Kits have, later on, been copied by the car industry.

1981 Innovating Product: wooden rear-panels for large and powerful speakers.

1983 Innovating Product: developement and production of a micro-tweeter series

1985 Innovating Product: first solution of an extra-flat loudspeaker-box for the trunk, for rear-panel application.

1987 Opening of the new Phonocar-Headquarters with an area of about 6,000m2

1989 Innovating Product: introduction of a car amplifier series with a built-in ventilation-fan reducing the overall-dimensions

1991 Innovating Product: developement and production of the first active electronic crossover with remote control for setting from the driver's seat.

1992 Innovating Product: 8-channel amplifier with electronic crossover to be set from the driver's seat

1993 PHONOCAR gets hold of the majority shares of a company producing loud-speakers. This investment will allow Phonocar, from now on, to develope and manufacture all necessary speaker components, on her own and in various aimed specifications

1998 Opening of a new works having an area of about 3,000 m2, for the production of loud-speakers

1999    Innovating Product: introduction of a series of car-specific trunk-saving subwoofers and of a the new amplifier series PH/5

1999 ECAP-Winner with the sub-woofer 2/946 "Big Thunder"

2000 Innovating Product: introduction of the 8-channel super-amplifier "DREAM" complete with crossover for regulation from driver's seat, winning the ECAP as the best multi-channel amplifier sold in Europe.

2001 Innovating Product: Fixation System for new tweeters, allowing for a quick installation and orientation of the tweeters even on irregular surfaces.

2002 Introduction of the new Speaker-Series "High-Tech", insuperable compared with all other similar International Hifi-products

2005 Innovation Product: New "Thunder"-subwoofers featuring the new V-shape-design with illuminated transparent Plexiglass-front-panel.

2006 Presentation of a complete line of Resins and Accessories for handicrafts like speaker-supports and rigid structures for the car interior. These Resins are of high quality and specifically aimed at professional installers.

2006 Presentation of a complete brochure of Multimedia-products for in-car entertainment.
In the framework of our car-audio-experience, we are now offering Sinto-DVDs, DVSs and high-quality screens perfectly matching our audio-products, with excellent overall-performances.

2007 Innovation-Product: new Line of amplifiers, specifically created to obtain best possible acoustic performances and an unlimited installation-versatility. With the help of the outstanding new integrated X.O.T. electronic crossover, the realization of high-end multi-amplification-systems is absolutely simple and quick.

2008 Presentation of a new Interface-line of Interfaces for USB, SD-card and I-POD, for many car Makes and Models. This new line of Interfaces constitutes a further enrichment of the extensive lines of Interfaces for Steering-Wheel-Commands, Audio-Video and AUX-IN.

2011 launch of our first MEDIA-STATION (VM007) with full ANDROID operational system. A new frontier for In-car Entertainment, now extending to Internet-navigation and innumerable ANDROID-Apps available on Google Play.

presentation of car-specific MEDIA-STATIONS, quick-fit and perfectly matching the aesthetics of the Original car-dashboard.

2013 Innovative Speaker-Series “Magico”. These speakers are unique and revolutionary, thanks to the missing basket. After all, the basket is commonly regarded as an obstacle in terms of sound-reproduction and coil/magnet-core cooling. 

2014: Development of a complete range of navigation systems for Volkswagen Italy, which allow a quick installation and which fit perfectly with the car system.

2017 Development and implementation of car lighting systems with led technology