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In front of nowadays' rapidly evolving markets, where competition is taking place around the globe, and where technical know-how is easily exchanged by means of technological communication systems, PHONOCAR has decided to invest resources and energy for the Research & Development of new products through her own technical personnel and University projects.
Research and Development are, in fact, of fundamental importance for PHONOCAR, in order to maintain her European high status and to be able to offer modern products at reasonable prices.
Continuous investments have allowed PHONOCAR become an out-reaching Company, with a consolidated, vast and diversified experience. These are indispensable ingredients for any new project involving the car and its extensive application fields.
PHONOCAR's remarkable quality and the acknowledgements obtained from the various markets, as well as the Rewards and Reviews of the major European Car-Hifi-magazines, represent a stimulus for us to strive for more and more important targets.