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  02/2018   Elaborare   LED Power!     
  05/2017   ACS   VM499: dashacam evolution     
  02/2016   12Voltios   A view of Phonocar     
  06/2015     Versatility and variety in the Phonocar catalog      
  05/2015   12Voltios   VM062: a product with great surprises     
  04/2015   ACS   VM198: Maxi visions!     
  01/2015   ACS   Compact with DAB: VM027     
  07/2014   Producto   La democratización del MirrorLink     
  06/2014     VM250 Mirror Link everywhere!     
  05/2014   ACS   Car audio 2.0: evolution or revolution?     
  04/2014   ACS   VM056 - At your fingers’ touch.     
  10/2013   ACS   All in 1 DIN     
  06/2013   ACS   2/755 Magico: a revolution     
  02/2013     VM081 Review     
  05/2012   Bringing the whole range of apps in the dashboard     
  03/2012   ACS   The Media Station controlled by an Android     
  12/2011   ACS   VM024: the everyday car-radio     
  08/2011     VM036: Impossible to find another source on the market, as good and fully-equipped, at such reasonable price     
  06/2011   ACS   VM036: All features for everyone     
  04/2011   ACS   PHONOCAR: 40 years in the spirit of Innovation.     
  02/2011   Car&Hifi   Phonocar PH4800: for people wanting a strong character inside the car     
  02/2011   Car&Hifi   VM050: it's sound and picture quality procure utmost satisfaction     
  01/2011   Plen Air Market   Sublimi frequenze     
  01/2011     VM060: aggressively priced and particularly interesting for youngsters     
  11/2010   ACS   VM070: a universal Multimedia-System, easily installed.     
  07/2010   Maxi Tuning   VM035: the perfect answer for young multimedia fans     
  06/2010     Let's play with VM155     
  04/2010   Boost Tuning   "Easily connectable, very powerful and still at a reasonable price"     
  10/2009   ACS   VM040: Reliable touch screen.     
  09/2009     Serie Otto: powered sound.     
  05/2009   MEGA TUNING   SPL 2/795: a very extraordinary subwoofer     
  04/2009     Car&Hifi: 2/795 is the Top!     
  09/2008     PH 8220. La catena intelligente.     
  06/2008     VM015: Mezzodin...tutto compreso!     
  03/2008     Phonocar awarded by espanish press     
  03/2008     The press admires PH501     
  02/2008     Phonocar PH 8220 - Stadi di potenza      
  11/2007     Phonocar VM014/M180 - Binomio perfetto