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PHONOCAR's choice to keep producing in Italy, has been a strategic decision made to contrast the normal trend and to distinguish ourselves for an excellent quality-control.
The Made-in-Italy-brandmark constitutes both an important starting-point from where endeavouring to hold the high quality standard and to continue technical research, and an important plus on the European and World market.
PHONOCAR's premises are composed of two modern industrial plants with conveyor belts for production activities and more than 9,000 sqm covered area, all under PHONOCAR's own property and control.
PHONOCAR has an extremely high production capacity and modern processing techniques, so that production can be organized in perfect relation to the Customer or Market requirements. All PHONOCAR-products are made in conformity with the CE-regulations regarding Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility. Many articles are "E"-tested and homologated for in-car application, save-guarding the compatibility with electronic central-boxes.