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Your Smartphone with the battery always charged!

Thanks to our VM382, your Smartphone battery will be always charged!
The kit includes: an induction Car charger and the portable Powerbank. 

Sleek and equipped with Qi Technology, these devices are extremely high-perforing and provide the Smartphones with a quick recharge, without using cables.

>Thanks to the Qi technology for fast charging,
the Charger and Powerbank are 75% more
efficient than standard chargers!

The charger fits in the car's cup holder.
Thanks to its 3 electromagnetic
induction coils,
it recharges
the Smartphone easily. 
You just need to place it on
the practical
universal holder; which also ensures
stability while driving.
The high-performing Powerbank is very useful
for charging your Smartphone 
anywhere and wirelessly! 
The Qi technology allows your Smartphone
to be charged much faster
than traditional chargers

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