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Your Smartphone always on connectivity at highest safety

Phonocar VM066 Mediastation is perfect for enjoying all the features of your smartphone easily and safely! Its 6.2" TFT/LCD Touch Screen Monitor is perfect for playing multimedia content and using APPs.

It is possible to connect both iOS
and Android smartphones to your Mediastation,
using the PhoneLink function of the Menu,
for viewing and playing back photos,
videos and music, directly on the monitor

Thank to the PhoneLink function
it is also possible to use navigation APPs,
such as Google Maps or Waze
in a safe and extremely comfortable way

Listen to music
from your smartphone
via Bluetooth A2DP

Take calls safely
thanks to the Bluetooth Handsfree

This Mediastation comes with a built-in DAB+ receiver
for listening to the radio in digital quality
without annoying interruptions and interference.

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