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Rear camera images are displayed 
directly on your Smartphone! 

Very useful rear camera for all vehicles that do not have a monitor in the cabin: via APP it allows the  driver to perform reverse manoeuvres safely, by watching the images directly on the screen of Smartphones or Tablets. The rear camra VM488 connects to your Smartphone or Tablet via WI-FI  without losing the 3G/4G connection. 

It connects via WI-FI
to Smartphones or Tablets,
allowing the driver
to perform reverse manoeuvres
safely by observing the images
on the screen,
without losing the 3G/4G connection.



The dedicated APP "Phonocar Multimedia" 
is available for FREE
for both iOS and Android operating systems. 

 Universal Installation!
Phonocar VM488 rear camera can be installed on all bumpers, even those of particularly long vehicles such as caravans, vans and trucks; being it possible to transmit images to the smartphone up to 10 m away.
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