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Phonocar VM011D: Thanks to our new Mediastation, you can easily and fast connect to smartphones having “Apple CarPlay” and “Android Auto” already installed. The most useful functions of your smartphone available direclty on the TFT/LCD 6.75” Touch Screen monitor of your mediastation. Safe driving is assured
VM011D can be installed on all vehicles with 2 DIN radio compartments and is very easy to use thanks to its  intuitive, multilingual menu. (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish,Portuguese and many others).


The smartest and safest way to use 
your iPhone while driving. 
With Siri you can phone, 
send and receive messages,
listen to your favourite music 
and surf
Android-designed system
for safe driving. 
Thanks to its user-friendly interface,
you will enjoy navigation,
and music functions
on your display. 

You can answer 
your calls safely 
thanks to the built-in microphone 
and Bluetooth hands-free function
Listen to your favourite songs 
on your smartphone, 
without using cables 
thanks to the A2DP function 

You can install it on
all vehicles with 
car radio compartments
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