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 The latest Phonocar news for car entertainment
all the features and connectivity 
of a Mediastation 2 DIN 
on vehicles with 1 DIN radio compartment!

Phonocar New Mediastation VM052: innovative multimedia system with all  Android features and the comfort of an Extra-large HD Capacitive Touch Screen Monitor for installation in cars and all vehicles with 1 DIN radio compartment.

Connect your Smartphone 
with the APP "EasyConnection"
or with Bluetooth to listen to
your music and answer your calls safely

Thanks to the Android 9.0 System
you can download your favorite APPs

and Social Networks directly from
the Play Store and
use them comfortably 
the Extra-large display of
your Mediastation

Equipped with GPS antenna
it is immediately ready

for ON-LINE navigation
through APPs such as
GoogleMaps or Waze

This Mediastation is ready to
receive Digital Radio
and is supplied with
the related Plug&Play KIT

How about off-line navigation?


You can purchase aftermarket
the Europe map
iGO Primo Next Gen NV945. 
Once installed, you can navigate
without using the data connection


You can also purchase the Mediastation with integrated map in two versions:
VM052E (CAR) and  VM052K(TRUCK)



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