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The new Phonocar Dash Cam Android VM322E is a multimedia system from dashboard, standing out for its ease of use and essential design, fitting any car interior. 
The Dash Cam VM322 is suitable for: cars, camping cars and vehicles with 12V power supply 
VM322: ready for the 
ON-LINE navigation via APP 
(e.g. Google Maps, Waze, etc...)  
 with iGO PRIMO 
nextgen Europe Map 
for OFF-LINE navigation 
The DVR together with the 
G-SENSOR is extremely useful 
in case of collision: 
the digital recorder with 
high definition lens 
records in loop while driving. 
If an impact occurs, 
it saves the last recorded file, 
making it available 
for checks and claims.
Equipped with 
microphone and 
Bluetooth 4.0 
for hands-free calls
Android operating system allows
to download the APP directly 
from Google Play
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