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Thanks to the research of our engineers we have managed to develop a 4K monitor fully specific for cars. Our VM155 is equipped with a 4K 12.5" full HD screen. The operating system is Android 7.1. It is also equipped with touch screen, Wifi, Bluetooth,USB/SD A/V inputs and with fixing system for front headrests.

The last generation 12,5” Touch Screen panel guarantees high visual performances.

The Android 7.1 system allows you to enrich this product with all the apps downloaded from the Google Play Store. Moreover, you can surf the Internet via Wi-Fi.

Thanks to the adjustable support bracket, you can install the device on all cars on the market.

Bluetooth connection that allows you to use headphones and other external Bluetooth devices.


Our VM155 is moreover equipped with 2 built-in speakers

You can connect an Android smartphone via USB cable and manage all the functions of the smartphone directly from the touchscreen.

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