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Our Complements family is enriched by a full new complete line of cables, designed using the latest innovations and the best materials, with the aim of offering top performances at very affordable prices. The new line includes power supply and RCA cables, divided into 3 sections according to their shielding. Single shielding will be called “UNO”, double shielding “DUE”; while the top-of-the- range triple shielding “TRE”. Here you are some of their main features:   


RCA Cables

The RCA cables are characterized by a more compact design that allows installation on any vehicle. More exactly, the size of 2-3 lines has been reduced, while their flexibility has considerably increased;

Speaker and Power Cables

Our cables on spool have are equipped with a soft touch sheath are more flexible. Furthermore, we have added 2 new versions with 2.5 mm cable

Latest generation high conductivity alloy,for excellent performances under all conditions.

Completelynew packaging, more compact and accurate. The new cable spools are shorter in length, allowing you to purchase small quantities according to your needs and avoiding wastages.


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