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As already highlighted with the arrival of the new Thunder subwoofers, we are pleased to introduce you to the new Hi-Fi Phonocar world. A 2.0 version for in-car audio lovers that condenses all the know-how, research and prototypes development work of recent years. With these two new lines of speakers Phonocar returns to the elite of the best brands of High Fidelity for cars with a renewed attention to detail, materials and innovative design.

These two lines Selection and Evolution contain all the main formats and types of speakers and speaker kits.



Components designed by our engineers to enhance the performanceof a detail-rich HI-Fi system. Working with original or after-market car radios. No amplifiers needed.


Components made with selected high quality materials: PPM polypropylene + Mica, soft silk tweeter, high efficiency neodymium magnets. All this allows to faithfully reproduce in a natural and linear way the low and high frequencies.

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