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We are glad to herewith present you our 02911, the first products of a long series of news, which will revolutionize the hi-fi car market, and which are just the beginning of a full renewal, that will involve the whole section of audio experience in the car.

Our new Thunder™ series of ultra-flat amplified subwoofers are characterized indeed by an innovative design and high performance making them a top-ranking of their category.

But that’s not all:

Redesign components to reach minimum dimensions to have a great versatility of installation under the seat of driver’s / passenger’s. We lowered the subwoofer sides by 4 mm and smoothed them to make its installation easier than the previous model 02913.

Increased power up to160 watts, allowing you to significantly upgrade your standard audio system without high costs or complex installations


Latest-generation 200 mm speakers with excellent sound performance and wide spectrum at low frequencies

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