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We would like to draw your attention on our NV004: a brand-new Navigation and Multimedia System for Volkswagen. By using the original touch screen, this System allows to integrate the Composition or the Discovery Media, which are available on the whole Volkswagen range, with:

Navigation iGo Primo, directly on the original monitor 6,5” or 8”, with Touch screen control and navigation voice on original loudspeakers.



Either the original rear-camera can be restored, or any aftermarket camera can be added. 

Original Bluetooth with related microphone can be maintained, in order to ensure the highest quality speech or – otherwise – you can use the new built-in Bluetooth module of NV004.




2 USB- Inputs for the playback of audio or multimedia files.

Easy to install without replacing the Volkswagen original system.




By connecting the Android-Smartphone via the USB-cable, it is possible to interact with the multimedia System through the touch screen. Music control on the iPhone via cable.
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