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We are happy to herewith present our new VM362: an innovative Wireless Tyre Pressure Monitoring System with screen visualization. This advanced system is extremely user-friendly and quickly installed, consisting of valve-caps sensors and a control unit for connection to a video input, either of a screen or a car navigation system.

This system interacts with a media station, alerting when pressure or temperature reach limit levels. The system will automatically change mode, and show a red blinking light on the screen. The Tyre Pressure Monitoring screen can be visualised on request, by simply pressing the button included in the package.

The tyre-valve-sensors are of high precision. They register real-time Pressure and Temperature of the tyres and need no technical Specialists for installation.
 The advantages to the car-driver
Tire flat prevention
gomma a terra

Leakage warning
Fuel saving

Tire wear reduction

Tire unbalance prevention
Mandatory countries
Power 9 V ➞ 16 V
Operating temperature -20°/+60° C (-4°/+140° F)
Tire pressure MAX 4 Bar / 58 PSI
Sensors supplied N.° 4
Sensors battery life ~24 mesi / months

High pressure value 4,5 Bar / 65 Psi
Low pressure value 2,5 Bar / 36 Psi
High temperature 75°C / 167° F
1 Set
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