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We are happy to herewith present our new Wireless Tyre-Pressure control-System, with solar recharge VM360. This innovative tyre-pressure-system features tyre-valve-sensors and a wireless solar-recharge display, allowing for an extremely easy and quick installation.

This new System constitutes the simplest and most efficient solution for a professional tyre-control-system. When Pressure or Temperature are near their maximum limit, the device lights and emits a Beep-sound, after having recognized the tyre in question and the related anomaly.

The tyre-valve-sensors are of high precision. They register real-time Pressure and Temperature of the tyres and need no technical Specialists for installation.
The advantages to the car-driver

Tire flat prevention

Leakage warning

Fuel saving

Tire wear reduction

Tire unbalance prevention

Mandatory countries
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