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We are happy to advise that 2 NEW REAR PARKING-KITS of the latest technology have been added to our line of PARKING-SENSORS: 06928 for traditional external installation 06929 for flush-mount from inside the bumper. Both PARKING-KITS are DIGITAL, with HIGH PRECISION and HIGH SENSITIVITY, and offer the following features:

Function of revealing the obstacles on the car (spare tyre, dragging hook) but exclude them voluntarily from the detection-area, in order to allow the normal performance of the parking-sensors.


Installation-possibility on METAL and PLASTIC bumpers, with no vibrations or interferences


The kits come complete with installation-adapters, for flush-mount of the capsules into the car-bumper (06929), and for the traditional installation-mode (06928).  

Both kits are PAINTABLE and WATER-PROOF.


Both Kits are composed of 4 sensors, Central-unit and related Accessories. Difference between the 2 kits: Model 06928 traditional sensors Model 06929 flush-mount sensors, with drilling-device.


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