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We are happy to herewith present our VM111, the Custom-Fit Media-Station for Volkswagen Polo 2015. Our VM111 is one of the first full-integration systems for Volkswagen Polo 2015, in line with the typical Volkswagen-design and menus-software.

Adopting the VM111 will allow you to maintain original car-settings directly controlled by the central system.
Direct choice of all settings and functions (windscreen-wipers, courtesy-lights, suspensions etc.). Re-established Steering.wheel Commands, with Plug&Play requiring no Programmation-work.
  Re-established full Climatronic-functions.
Bord-Computer-Indications on Original Display MFD.  
  The choice of radio-frames in 3 different colours.
03054 Shiny Black  03055 Grey 03056 Black, exclusively for VM0111.

By connecting a smartphone through USB-cable, it is possible to interact, through touch-screen, with the Multimedia-system.
Smartphone-recharge-time reduced to 50%.


Parking-Areas visualized through the Original parking-sensors.
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