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We are happy to herewith present our NEW ROOF-MONITOR, VM198, 17”, with Inputs for USB/SD and AUDIO/VIDEO. Compared to the previous generation (VM197), the VM198 has a much more accurate and slim line.

The 17”-panel of VM198 is of the latest generation, high definition, reproducing sharp quality-pictures, from all vision-angles.

You can take advantage of the high-definition-screen, by using the HDMI-Input for the connection of a DVD-player or a Console of the latest generation.

Compatibility is enlarged to all Audio/Video-Formats, so that you can reproduce your own files directly on the VM198. All supports have last-position-memory allowing to resume video-vision from the interruption-point.


Aspect ratio 16:9
System PAL/NTSC auto-switch
Resolution RGB 1920 (H) x 1080 (V)
View angle 70° orizzont. - 65° vertic.
Tilt screen 160°
Regulations color/contrast/brightness
Built in infrared transmitter for wireless headphones
Double channel IRtransmitter
1 Port USB 8 GB MAX
1 Slot SD Card 8 GB MAX

With 2 integrated speakers
Last memory position (only video)
Multilanguage menu
Full Function Wireless Remote Control
Car lighting switch
1 Audio/Video input
1 Video ouput
1 HDMI input
Power DC12
Dimensions: L. 450 - P. 335 - H. 30 mm.
Compatible: MP3-MPEG4-JPEG

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