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We would like to draw your attention to our VM159 TFT-LCD-WIDE-SCREEN-MONITOR.
This new DVD-player, with 9”-screen, USB/SD-inputs, Audio/Video-input,  comes complete with a fixation-system for front-seat headrests.
The 9”-panel is of the latest Generation, High-Definition, for a high-quality bright Picture.
The Holder is settable, in relation to the two head-rest-bars. The holder fits all car-models and can be inclined at will, in due respect of the rear-passenger-position.
The Monitor-DVD-Player is fitted with an Eject-key, detaching it from the holder, so that you can place the Monitor-DVD-Player in a secure location, when you leave the car.

The VM159 can be transformed into a portable DVD-player, by using the holder situated on its back (see attached photo).
All Supports have their Last-Position-Memory, so that every time you switch OFF/ON, the Video will start from the position it was interrupted.

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