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Our 12.1”-monitor, with DVD-drive, USB/SD-ports and Audio/Video-Input.

Many differently styled car-interiors will easily match with the elegant and modern design, with LED-illumination.

The 1.21” IPS-panel is of the latest generation, high-definition, for high-quality picture-brightness, no matter from which vision-angle you are watching.
You can enjoy the VM194 high-definition vision, to an even greater extent, by using the HDMI-Input where you can connect a DVD-player or console of the latest generation.

Compatibility is particularly rich and extended to all Audio/Video-formats, so that you can reproduce your own files on the VM194 directly.

All media-supports have the last-position-memory, so that the VM194 will, after the switch-off/On, automatically restart from the interruption-point. >> View list of news