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As you can see at page 12/13 of our new HIFI-catalogue 2013, our 40th Jubilee is adorned with a new bench-mark; our new SPEAKER-SERIES “MAGICO”. These revolutionary Speakers, without a BASKET, are absolutely UNIQUE and have no counter-parts on the market so far. It is commonly known that the basket has a negative influence on the reproduction-quality and the cooling of the magnet-core which tends to overheat the coil, so that we projected the MAGICO-speakers without basket. This unique Feature goes along with another certainty: the “Magico”-Speakers are completely manufactured and assembled in our works in ITALY, so that Quality and Reliability are of the highest level.

The “MAGIC” speaker-line is composed of:
Art. 2/755…………..Mid-Bass 165mm
Art, 2/757…………..Woofer 200mm
Art. 2/807………….Two-way kit 165mm
No Basket
These Speakers, unique of their kind, have no basket, so that Frequencies cannot reflect and Sound-Quality remains unaltered..
High Termal performances.
Their special cooling-system is another very important feature. Passing through
the membrane-protection, the coil-produced heat is conveyed to the outside (cold part), resulting in a 10
times greater heat-dispersion than with traditional speakers.
“Sandwich”- coil, with internal and external windings
Thanks to the “sandwich”- coil, with internal
and external windings, the whole system benefits from a higher Efficiency.
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