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We take pleasure to herewith present an innovation-product capable of boosting the basic meaning of “In-car-Multimediality”
We started from the fundamental idea of an in-car multimedia-player, fitted with 2 USB-ports, 1 SD-port, offering a large compatibility-range with the most popular Audio-Video-Formats (MPEG1-2-4, HD, Xvid, WMN9 etc.).
In addition, we provided for an Internet-navigation connection, by means of an external Wi-Fi-aerial (Optional VM311)  or a LAN-cable,   and the possibility of introducing an internal Memory of max. 2 Tb, in the form of a 2.5” Sata hard-disc.
The resulting VM008 comes in reduced dimensions (15x10cm), with many in-car installation-possibilities. You can also reproduce HD-files, with the aid of an HDMI-cable or composite, so that the VM008 can also be used as a Home-appliance, in consideration of the vast Internet-navigation possibilities.
VM008, a new solution, enriching your car-installation with a full Multimedia-system offering Internet-access and memory-expansion up to 2 Tera.
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