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We are happy to pre-announce the arrival of our new 8” Tablet ANDROMEDA -by Phonocar- model VM508, expected for end November and included in the forthcoming new MULTIMEDIA-catalogue.
The 8”-Tablet, fitted with a CPU of 1GHz and a Ram of 1Gb, operates an Android 4.0.3-system and is fully compatible with the official GooglePlay-market.
There are two cameras available, one on the front (1.5 Mp) and one on the rear (0.3 Mp) to make photos and video-calls. Wi-Fi reaches a considerable speed of 450 Mb/sec. Its hardware-structure allows real-time sharing of Audio/Video-files, through Android, DLNA and SAMBA-server units, and supplies excellent and fluent Video-streaming.
All these features are packed into an elegantly designed, very thin Tablet, with an 8”-Touch-Screen TFT LCD, 4:3-format, 800 x 600 pixel resolution.
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