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We are very happy to herewith present our new PHONOCAR-web-pages, completely revised and up-dated, for a simpler and more intuitive handling by our esteemed Visitors.
While navigating through the many PHONOCAR-products, you will, first of all,  notice that there is a Banner on the top margin,  showing you the various product-categories and the related pictures.

Secondly, you will find that the column on the left bottom-margin, offers you 2 Research-methods, per product-code (e.g. 4/073, VM022 etc.)   and  per car-model. But this is not all: below the Banner, in the centre, you now have a third Research-method, per Categories,  which represents the most immediate way to find a certain product-family.

Every single Product is shown in high-resolution and carries its related down-load Instructions-Manual, Car-Compatibility-List, presentation-video-clip  and Connection Schemes.

On top of the page, where the Main Sections are listed, you will also find the Options: Instructions Manuals, Catalogues, Technical Advice, down-load Information allowing you to constantly up-date the PHONOCAR-product in your hands.

We wish you a very pleasant navigation-time in our new web-pages.

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