Monitor 10” DVD/SD/USB Monitor 10” DVD/SD/USB
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Monitor 10” DVD/SD/USB

Article number: VM149
Product class: Monitor / Headrest and Roof Monitor

Screen with highly versatile DVD-CD-USB-SD-player. Possibility of using the screen in replacement of the traditional head-rest-screens.
Two advantages: no need of seat-modifications; possibility of quickly detaching from the car, for home-use.

The 10”-panel is of the latest Generation, High-Definition, for a high-quality bright Picture.

Built-in DVD with a secure and easy-to-use rear DVD housing. Our device is equipped with 2 A/V inputs, as well as with a HDMI terminal and 2 outputs.

The settable holder allows to install the device onto all the vehicles available on the market. You just need to adjust the distance between the 2 head-rest-bars. The holder can be also inclined at will, in due respect of the rear-passenger-position. The Monitor-DVD-Player is fitted with an Eject-key, detaching it from the holder, so that you can place the Monitor-DVD-Player in a secure location, when you leave the car.

Aspect ratio 16:9-4:3 
Resolution horizontal-vertical 800 x 480 
View angle 70°/70° 
Images regulations 
Headphones output Jack 3,5 / IR DUAL
1 Port USB • 1 Slot SD Card 32 GB MAX 
2 integrated speakers 
 Last memory position 
Wireless Remote Control 
Input 2 A/V - 1 HDMI
Output 2 Audio/Video
Multilanguage menu 
Power 12 Volts 12 Volts
Dimensions mm. L. 270 - P. 30 - H. 179 
Compatible MP3/MPEG4/WMA
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  • Instructions manual VM149 [Dimensions: 1,055 KB]
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  • Dichiarazione di conformità / Declaration of conformity VM149 [Dimensions: 96 KB]