Portable Bluetooth hands-free Portable Bluetooth hands-free
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Portable Bluetooth hands-free

Article number: 06855
Product class: Bluetooth Handsfree kit for car

This small-sized product can be easily installed on every car and is equipped with a very clear design and intuitive keys, that make it easy and fast to use. 

Microphone equipped with anti-noise technology, which allows clear conversation in all conditions.


Bluetooth 4.0 which handles up to 2 smartphones at the same time.

Rechargeable battery for a battery-life up to 5 hours of talk time at maximum volume.

Bluetooth 4.0 (handles up to 2 smartphones at the same time)
Microphone equipped with anti-noise technology
Operating distance 10 meters class II
Rechargeable battery Li-ion 3 TV 600mAh
Work time 6 hours
Time Standby 84 hours
Charging input voltage DC 5V Battery
Charge time circa 1,5 hours
Dimensions 110 (L) x16 (W) x48 (H) mm
Cable for Battery Recharge USB - MINI USB
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