LEDS for main-beam / dipped-beam headlamps -12V H7 LEDS for main-beam / dipped-beam headlamps -12V H7
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LEDS for main-beam / dipped-beam headlamps -12V H7

Article number: 07503
Product class: Led Bulbs


Phonocar LED represent the last generation car-LED lights, characterized by a very bright lighting and superior reliability, thanks to the Philips technology integrated with the use of the best materials and components. 
All the lamps are approved with “E24” marking. No headlamp washer installed on the vehicle or headlight adjustment needed.

Model  H7
Supply 12V
Power   36 W
Brightness    4000 Lm
Color Temperature   6000 K
Led Technology  Lumileds
Waterproof     Ip 65


Led with Philips technology that guarantees a much longer life to your lamp and more stability over time


Intelligent internal fan that adjusts to external conditions, to avoid the excessive heating consuming the least amount of energy.

Removable ring for a much quicker and faster installation on the lighthouse's parabola and light regulation.

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