Amplified audio interface ISO Amplified audio interface ISO
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Amplified audio interface ISO

Article number: 04038
Product class: Amplified Audio

This device re-establishes the Audio-signal when the car-radio is replaced. In the case of ALFA – LANCIA – FIAT, the device fetches the Audiosignal from the BLU&ME-system. In the case of AUDI  (No Q7 A5) - VOLKSWAGEN, the device fetches the Audio-signal when the navigation-module is separate from the car-radio.
Power Max 10W / Settable Sensitivity-Control
Navy switch-off-time settable 0÷15 sec.
Inside the package:
Connection-Cable with ISO-pin 70 cm.
Cable for Navigator 1 m Lack 3,5 mm
Packed 1 set
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