Amplifier Otto Serie 2 Channels 2x150W Amplifier Otto Serie 2 Channels 2x150W
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Amplifier Otto Serie 2 Channels 2x150W

Article number: PH880
Product class: Otto series



In-car amplification at its maximum evolution. Right from the beginning of
their technical concept, these amplifiers have been conceived for maximum
acoustical performance and unlimited installation versatility.
High-end multi-amplification systems can now easily and quickly be carried out,
thanks to the electronic crossover (X.O.T.) integrated into these amplifiers. In
fact, the X.O.T. will, on one hand, save space and money for additional electronic
crossovers, and, on the other hand, offer the great advantage of being able
to serially connect the amplifiers and regulate the frequency-cut of every single
section directly on the amplifiers. The mentioned versatility can be explained by
the fact that the amplifiers can be topped (forming a column). In this situation,
installation will be perfect, at limited space requirements.
Unbroken power-performance supplying strong bass; stability up to 1 Ohm;
unlimited reliability: these features undoubtedly contribute to elevating these
fabulous amplifiers to the only possible means for the achievement of real highfidelity
music listening.

Amplifier Stereo W Max 150x2 (4 Ohm)
Stereo Watt Rms 75x2 (4 Ohm) - 115x2 (2 Ohm) - 130x2 (1 Ohm)
Mono W Rms 230 (4 Ohm) - 260 Ohm
Frequency response 10 Hz÷30KHz - THD ≤0,2%
Signal/noise ratio > 96 dB - Input sensitivity 150mV÷5 V/12 V
Load impedance 1÷8 Ohm - Bass-Boost 0÷9 dB adjustable - Subsonic filter 10÷16)
X.O.T. Crossover System 12 dB/Oct adjustable
Input (Rca) Full HP/LP 50÷500 Hz  Multiplier frequency 1x10 <br> Output (Rca) Full HP/LP 50÷500 Hz - Multiplier frequncy x1/x10
Dimensions mm. L355 - H60 - P 235
Packed 1 pc.
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